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About Mark Byron Dallas

Mark founded Talk Like That in 2020 to meet the increasing demand of actors and voice artists (new and experienced) looking to take their training in accents online.  

An avid linguistics enthusiast with an ear for accents, languages and phonetics have been an obsession of his since childhood and, besides a lifelong love for acting in theatre, has always sought various outlets for his creativity. After graduating as an Arts major with a specialization in the field of communication, Mark's early career took him to several cities across the United Kingdom.


Between 1994 and 2002, Mark joined BBC Television, where he discovered his talent for voice work and found his accent coaching in high demand.


Shortly thereafter, opportunity beckoned in Canada, and on moving to Toronto, spent more than 15 joy-filled years teaching Advanced English to international students, simultaneously picking up the phonetic nuances and phonotactics underlying a wide range of non-anglo accents.


Mark counts many film, TV and stage actors among previous clients and shares his time between coaching, providing workshops, voice acting, and standardized language-level assessment.

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Theatre & TV

I have been involved in television theatre as an actor (both in the UK and Canada) and a dialect coach, working on productions including the BBC's Black Britain, several episodes of truTV's Masterminds and theatre productions such as Shelagh Stephenson's The Memory of Water (set in Yorkshire) and Murder Weapon by Brian Clemens.


As a dialect coach, this has given me an invaluable insight into the pressures and demands that actors and directors come under when working on a production.

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