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Choosing the right dialect coach
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Dr Art Babayants
Theatre Director, Artist, Educator and Researcher

Mark worked with actors on a production I was directing. One night, a South African audience member came up to ask who the 'Saffer' was. I replied that it was a Canadian actor who was helped by an excellent dialect coach.


Brenda Massey-Beauregard Stage Actor,
Live Actor Simulator

Mark was able to help me elevate my understanding and mastery of the Yorkshire dialect to a whole new level. His knowledge of the mechanics of speech, ability to interpret the nuances of the dialect phonetically and thoughtful coaching style allowed me to develop a much more authentic voice for my character. To date, it is one of the performances of which I am most proud, and I could not have done it without Mark's exceptional support.


Masahiro Tanikawa
Film & TV Actor

(Midway, Sinking Ship, The Expanse)

Mark's lessons were outstanding, and yet, they weren't just lessons. He put his witty humour into it: entertainment fused with intriguing knowledge of linguistic and
geo-historical facts. 
I guarantee that you will enjoy and
learn so much.