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What is it all a³bout?

Orson Welles likened acting to sculpture, saying, “It’s what you take away from yourself to reveal the truth of what you are doing that makes a performance,” and while that may be true, we must determine the general shape it will take before we even take up our tools.

If acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances, then we must not only give ourselves up to our imaginations but also see the potential in  the unhewn block before we strike the first blow.


We lift the author’s words from the page and give them form, yet if the life of that character was lived in a different time and/or place, we must make that a new home in our minds.

Their origin and subsequent journey set the basis for the voice that will give the emerging figure life.


This program sets out to broaden the actor’s awareness of the layers of speech and seeks to make sense of what may appear as chaotic audio chisel strokes so that any speech system may be approached, embraced and wielded with the confidence that a sculptor wields a chisel, embedding the process alongside a character’s development.

How can I a³pply?

Although a³ is designed for professionals who already make a living as an actor, we are willing to consider applicants who have a proven dedication to the art.

Submit the online application form by the deadline (stated in the schedule below)

  1. Within a day or two, you will receive an email from us stating whether or not your application has been successful

  2. If your application is successful, you will be sent a link to a page that will allow you to pay your holding fee (US$600 / Ca$750)

  3. We will send students an email with the joining details and link

  4. We'll see you online on Day 1!

Is there a ma³ximum number of students?

We are limiting the number of students in this semester to a maximum of 12. This will insure that all students will get the best experience possible.

Wha³t does it cost?

Pricing has yet to be established for the next semester. Join the mailing list for updates.


To be confirmed

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