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Accent Actors Academy
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The first of its kind

The program is a collaboration between
Dialect Coach Mark Dallas and Acting Coach Kat Shaw and is (as far as we know)
the very first program to take a blended approach to accent embedding.
a³ is an opportunity for Film, TV and Audio Actors to experience the process of embedding an accent into one's character from the very early stages.
Each week, Mark will guide you through the discovery and embodiment of accents to be applied with Kat's direction a couple of days later from the early stages of character development through to the final product.

Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays* 5:30–7:30 PM Eastern Time and run for 6 weeks.
Some weeks may require a shift to a Friday depending on the acting coach's shooting schedule.

For the time being, all classes are online.

Other Benefits

Included in the price of your tuition: My video Introduction to the
International Phonetic Alphabet
(1h35m, has chapter links)

10% off 1-to-1 coaching rates

75% off your subsequent a³ session should you miss us so much that you wish to return


Instructor Bios


Mark Byron Dallas

Katisha Shaw

A dialect coach and voice artist, he has helped actors and media professionals from around the world to acquire and perfect accents since 2003. He runs the Talk Like That Facebook group, providing a forum for actors and voice artists to connect, share and discuss accent-related issues. 

An actress and a filmmaker who recently directed and wrote Hinterland: Election Night, which was announced a winner at the 15th World Film Carnival. She runs the Zoom-reads Facebook group to help actors connect and do cold reads of screenplays.

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