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Delicious Dialects Video Vault

Video Vault

Hours and hours of accent and dialect coaching at the click of a button

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Most days we're busy—whether it's waiting tables, stocking shelves, or selling real estate to allow us to survive so that we can do our real job (acting)—or working: auditioning, getting coached, or bringing the magic to the stage, screen or audio.

Imagine you could update and consolidate your accent skills in the same length of time it would take to bingewatch the next series on your must-see list and come away from it with more useful knowledge than who did what when and to whom!

Delicious Dialects Video Vault allows you to do just that!

Through more than 10 hours of fully-accessible video you'll be able to unlock, practice and perfect your accent acting abilities.

You'll not only learn the sociolinguistic context and history of an accent but also understand the underlying structures and patterns that make it unique, empowering you to apply it to any script or character.

With this system, you're not just learning an accent: you're learning HOW TO LEARN accents.

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DDVV1: Modern British RP & Gener(al Amer)ican


Coming Soon
Delicious Dialects 2: Ireland

In the next few weeks, I plan to launch a 10-week accent-training program. The focus will primarily be the General Irish accent and that of North Dublin.

While we will break for the holidays, slots will go on sale at a 25% discount Friday 25 Nov till end of Sunday 27th Nov.

If you are interested, updates will be sent out via the mailing list.

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