Mark's Motormouth Monday Meetup Page

On the first Monday of each month, we meet up to give constructive and supportive feedback on attempts at reading something in a particular accent.

If you wish to watch/listen, you are welcome to join us by clicking on the Facebook Room link below.


If you wish to participate, please read the instructions below thoroughly.

  1. Do your homework (listen to some authentic accents).
    A great resource is IDEA.
    Another wonderful resource to check out an accent word by word is this old site from the University of Edinburgh.


  2. Record yourself (reading one of the sections of the text below (only viewable on laptops and desktops), or click here to see it as a web page.




3. Upload the audio/video file using this form.

4. Show up on Monday at 4 PM Eastern via the link I'll send to you via email on the day.

5. After introductions, we'll turn off our cameras and microphones and listen to a sample, after which we'll turn on our cameras and microphones to take turns critiquing the sample. This will happen up to 4 times depending on the number of samples uploaded.

Due to time restrictions, we will limit the number of participants to 4 people.
There is no limit to the number of spectators. However, if there are no audio samples uploaded, there will be nothing to spectate!

See you there :)

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