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My Approach

Education is essential to empowering others, to create a life for yourself which will make you successful in achieving your dreams.

The old adage,

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fsh, and you feed him for a lifetime.

has been attributed to many through the years, but it is a truism to which I hold steadfastly as it descibes the necessity of education. it is not sufficient to spoonfeed the learner, and that is why my approach is designed to equip my clients with valuable information that will assist them in their fields of study and help them meet their professional and personal goals.

The basic process usually goes like this (but can be individually tailored):

1. We'll meet (in person or on-line) to talk about what you want to achieve and when

2. We'll agree on a number of sessions and arrange a mutually-convenient schedule

3. I'll gather materials and flag resources

4. We'll meet for our 2nd session and look through materials together. I'll share on-line resources with you so that you can practice  in your own time

5. We'll meet to go through what you've practiced and refine it to perfection

6. Repeat as necessary

7. Success

The stakes are high, and that is why I'm committed to helping you achieve your ultimate aims by tried-and-tested methods. 

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