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What we do?

Before each event, you record and upload a sample (an audio or video recording) of you acting or narrating in a previously agreed-upon accent.


Leading up to that, we will share resources specific to that accent to help prepare for the self-tape/recording in the Talk Like That Facebook group.

We will gather online on Friday at 4 PM Eastern | 1 PM Pacific | 9 PM UK Time and listen to each contributor's uploaded sample and give our constructive feedback.

At the very end, I will give some notes based on the samples I heard. 


Who should attend?

Anyone who uses (or is thinking of making use of) accents in their day-to-day work.

The sessions are aimed at actors (stage/screen/voice) whatever their own accents (whether they speak English as a first language or an additional language).

This is
NOT an appropriate forum for people looking to focus on a) improving their English, or b) getting feedback on how good their English is

How much does it cost?

$0 / £0 


How do I take part?

1. See the EVENT LIST (below) for which accent it will be for the next date

2. Do your research. Listen to video/audio samples in the accent (see/share in the Talk Like That Facebook group)

3. Look at the text at the top of this form and then practise.


4. Practise some more.

5. Record your sample (this can be on camera or just audio—your choice)

6. Upload the file of your recording to any platform that is publicly accessible (e.g. YouTube, GoogleDrive, etc.) 

7. Submit the link to your file using the aforementioned form.

8. Look for the participation link in your email on the Friday morning

9. Show up on time on Friday

10. Have fun!

Friday 18 March @ 4 PM ET | 1 PM PT | 9 PM UK

Accent: Received Pronunciation (Modern)

Friday 25 March @ 4 PM ET | 1 PM PT | 9 PM UK

Accent: Irish (Dublin)

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