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Workshop Discounts

If you're having financial troubles, you're in luck. Depending on your situation, you might qualify for up to 60% off the full price...

Based on the answers you give, you'll get an immediate result. If you do qualify for a discount,

please email me to let me know you're interested.

More about...

A series of 4-week interactive workshops, each one focusing practice on one accent throughout the month and lasting about an hour each week. 


They start at 2PM Pacific / 5PM Eastern / 10PM GMT / 11AM (next day) New Zealand.

Week 1: Behold the building blocks: bring out the drills and break new ground with the sounds

I go through the word types with their sounds using a list of words that will turn up in the scene you’ll be given to practice as homework for Week 2


Week 2: Lay the foundations

Scaffolding with that script, we’ll create a punch list… a list of sounds you’ll need to focus on improving for Week 3

Week 3: Seen on Site
You’ll exercise the accent by doing a cold read from an online text you’ve never seen before.

You’ll then have a week in which to practice the accent or accents in every possible situation before


Week 4: Take ownership and move in
We'll have a group conversation in your new accent!

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