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Mark Dallas
Dialect Coach & CEO

Mark is a professional KTS-trained accent coach and actor currently based in North America but originally from the UK.

With a deep understanding acquired through decades of application of the nuances and complexities of speech, he works with actors at all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals, to master a wide range of accents and dialects for their performances.


Whether it's a convincing Australian bogan, an Antebellum Southern, a perfectly royal British RP, or a character for whom English is not their mother tongue, he provides workshops, training courses, and personalized coaching and guidance to help clients achieve their goals and take their acting skills to the next level.


If you were thinking, "Where can I find a dialect coach near me?" look no further as Mark can be hired for coaching in-person within the Greater Toronto Area or remotely from anywhere in the world.

Get in touch to book your own personalized coaching session today.

Photograph © Faridanifoto

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