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Unlock Your True Potential with Expert Accent & Dialect Coaching


Mark Byron Dallas is a highly-acclaimed, professionally-trained & certified Accent & Dialect Coach, operating since 2003.


Based in Toronto (or Hollywood North as it is affectionately known), he counts many film, TV, stage and audio actors among previous clients who have gone on to become household names in the entertainment industry.

Specializing in British accents and dialects and proficient in many American, European, Asian and African varieties, he is available for on-set as well as in-person and online coaching. 

Any producer or director will agree that a badly-executed accent can ruin a scene or even an entire production. If the execution is misaligned or overwrought, it will likely take the audience's focus away from the performance and onto how the words themselves are being spoken rather than what's being said, breaking the suspension of disbelief. DON'T BE THAT PERSON.

Mark tailors his coaching to the actor's (and production's) requirements and inspires confidence in the process of crafting the best possible outcome within the precious time remaining.

There's an awful lot that goes into embedding an accent into a character's personality, which means there's a lot that can go wrong. Mark's skill is noticing what elements of the actor's speech are causing divergence and calmly and gently guiding them into the zone of authenticity and automaticity, within which they can confidently hone their performance.

Allow Mark to unlock your potential so that you can unleash your brilliance upon the world!

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