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The Talk Like That podcast has been happening since August 2020.
In each episode, I interview a dedicated professional in the entertainment industry and whose work depends to a large extent on their voice.
Each has their own fascinating stories to tell, and many offer invaluable advice.
Episode 27 (30 September 2021): Talk Like Aeron Macintosh
I talk to acting coach Aeron Mcintosh about how he came to be a jack-of-all trades in the movie industry and why we focused on becoming a coach.
Episode 26 (23 September 2021): Talk Like Kirsten Clarkson
I talk to acting coach KC about... Being an acting coach and a lopsided farmer, surviving sexual predators in the industry, nurturing prodigies, sending your kid out to chop wood, getting roles without being 'pretty', and going against bad advice.
Episode 24 (8 September 2021): Talk Like Rachel Jacob
I chat to the Writer, Actor and Director about her career, scary set situations, pre-me-too fools, our devious plans to work with Kate Winslet, Rachel's upcoming movie, and surviving Hurricane Ida.
Episode 23 (30 July 2021): Talk Like Tijuana Layne
I chat to this very talented actor, dancer and writer about her career and her new movie.
Episode 22 (17 June 2021): Talk Like Arika Okrent
Ever wondered why English is so messy with its weird spellings, silent letters and irregular verbs? Arika's latest book answers these questions and many more. We'll be chatting about the many influences that made our language the way it is today.
Episode 21 (28 April 2021): Talk Like That Presents: Accents in Voice Acting
A discussion panel featuring actors and narrators
Episode 20 (8 April 2021): Michael Masurkevitch
Actor, Writer, Producer, Father
I ask him why did he strip naked and run through a forest covered in blood.
Episode 19 (25 March 2021): Karen Stollznow
Linguist, Teacher, Author and Researcher
This Australian-American is one of my oldest Facebook pals. She has written many works of fiction and non-fiction.
I talk to her about her latest work On the Offensive: Prejudice in Language Past and Present.
Episode 18 (18 March 2021): Sibel Damar
Actor, Comedian, Impressionist
I talk this very talented Turkish-American about her career and what it's like to survive COVID-19 
Episode 17 (11 March 2021): Teri Ritter, Ralph & Jessica Perl
Talent Agent; Actors
My first 3-way interview! We talked about the amazing bittersweet story behind how Jessica got into acting, much to her dad's disapproval and then how she got her dad into acting!
Teri explains how important it is for actors to learn accents properly before they put them on their résumés.
Episode 16 (19 Feb 2021): Ken Hall
Jeff the Grey in People of Earth
Derek Ferdinand in ​
Murdoch Mysteries
Herb and body of Pogo in Umbrella Academy
Episode 15 (19 Feb 2021): Karen Stollznow (Aborted due to gremlins)
Author, Doctor of Linguistics
We didn't get too far as the tech gods were conspiring against us.
See Episode 19
Episode 14 (12 Feb 2021): Tony Nappo
We talked about the kinds of characters he's played, being a straight guy playing a gay guy open-mouth kissing another straight guy, seeking clarity in one's character and juggling one's balls at parties.
Episode 13 (4 Feb 2021): Heidi von Palleske
Actor, Novelist
We discuss her acting career and her most recent highly-anticipated novel Two White Queens & One-eyed Jack about to hit the shelves.
Episode 12 (28 Jan 2021): Jessica & Ralph Perl
This father & daughter acting family joined me at the last minute to talk about their roles in TV and how Jessica got her dad into acting.
Episode 11 (21 Jan 2021): Rhiannon Moushall
Actor (most recently seen in Bridgerton), Voice Actor
From Bangkok to Alabama, Brisbane to Swindon—Rhiannon is a woman of the world. We talked about adapting your accent to fit in, what extras chat about in the background, the brave new (old) world of Bridgerton, being an actor in musicals, TV and video games, and of course... why SWINDON?
Episode 9 (7 Jan 2021): Cheryl de Luca
Actor (theatre, TV, film)
We talked about growing up as a mixed-heritage outsider, Canada's own Third World, the disenfranchisement of indigenous people, breaking down the 'nurse wall' to tap into emotions for acting roles, sharpening the saw, doing improv to combat shyness, and getting comfortable with learning accents.
Episode 8 (31 Dec 2020): Krista Barszo
Actor (theatre, TV, film); Stage Combat Performer (in training); Intimacy Coach (in training)
We talked about women in kick-ass roles, the need to bring in professionals to help direct dangerous scenes, the importance of having accents ready to act in.
Episode 10 (14 Jan 2021): Isabella Fehlandt
Actor, model, clown
We talked about what a clown is, misunderstandings about clowns, how clowns can be sexy, why Trump should not be called a clown, where she gets inspiration for accents, and why we need more clowns in our future.
Episode 7 (24 Dec 2020): Tina Collins
Actor (TV, film); Dialect Coach (specializing in Mandarin)
We talked about immersion into a culture to acquire a language (or an authentic accent), awkward moments in elevators, being the dialect coach for superstars on set.
Episode 6 (17 Dec 2020): Trish Rainone
Actor (TV, film); Comedian
I talked to the Pink Is In star about smashing the comedy patriarchy, embarrassing auditions, how to stop your Canadian accent popping oot of your American character's mooth.
Audio only 
Episode 5 (26 Nov 2020): Junior Williams
Actor (TV, film); Comedian
We talked about tragedy feeding character, rocking a Jamaican accent to book a TV role, race and not fitting in, why Uta Hagen banned his walkman, and how he imagines the smell of dog shit.
Episode 4 (29 Oct 2020): Gary Starkell
Halloween Special
Actor (TV, film, theatre); Musician
We talked about horror movies, staying dead till you hear the director, separating the brain into different levels to stay in character and hit your mark, fights on set.
Episode 3 (24 Sept 2020): Juan Carlos Velis
Actor (TV, film, theatre); Voice (videogames); Writer; Director
We talked about fleeing persecution and starting a new life as a kid in Canada, getting conned, landing a role by switching to a different accent mid- audition, learning and acting in a constructed caveman language.
Episode 2 (27 Aug 2020): Hadley Kay
Actor (TV, film); Voice Artist
We talked about being a child actor rescued by Superman and going to camp with Bill Murray, almost becoming the voice of Scooby, and growing up with family friend Keanu Reeves.
Episode 1 (12 July 2020): John Tench
Actor (TV, film); Voice (videogames)
We talked about accent training with Russians, reviving the voice of a long-dead inventor for Murdoch Mysteries, watching fellow actor Heath Ledger get into character on set.
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