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Accent Mastery Intensive

6 live classes



About the Course

This is the ultimate accent acquisition course for any busy actor who incorporates accents into their work.

These six weeks will take you to the next level.

Classes start on July 26 and run every Friday till August 30

PDT: 2:30 PM till 4 PM

EDT: 5:30 PM till 7 PM

BST: 10:30 PM till 12 midnight

  • All classes will be recorded and uploaded to the private group so you can watch them later

  • YOU choose the accent you want to be your focus for the course

  • Permanent access to the video course IPA: Demystifying the Sacred Sound Sigils

Week 1

  • Character & accent building (how socio-economics, region, period, etc. can affect choices)

  • Seeking legitimate sources for authentic samples

Week 2

  • Listening for prosodic features: Intonation, rhythm, stress patterns

  • Using online software to record and notate range and patterns

Week 3

  • Intro to J C Wells's lexical sets

  • Lexical set creation, using an online app to make a drill list from sides

Week 4

  • IPA Q&A

  • Using the International Phonetic Alphabet to mark up sides & scripts

  • Free mobile and web apps for transcribing into the IPA

Week 5

  • Crafting anchor phrases

  • Immersion techniques (ordering in-accent, taking it for a walk)

  • Cold reads

Week 6

  • Conversing in the accent

  • Normalizing & gaining confidence

  • Being audition-ready

  • Adding it to your résumé

Your Instructor

Mark Dallas

Mark has more than 20 years' experience teaching adults from around the world and specializes in coaching actors in accents for stage, screen, and audio.

Mark Dallas
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