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Mark Byron Dallas has been a Language Instructor and an Accent & Dialect Coach since 2003.


Formerly employed by the BBC, he is now based in Toronto and counts many film, TV and stage actors among previous clients.

Specializing in British dialects and proficient in many American, European, Asian and African accents, he is available for on-set productions as well as in-person and online coaching. 

Your opening words speak volumes. People take less than a second to form an impression of your personality based on your voice alone. With training, you can change many aspects of it for the better.

A dialect determines the words one uses and the syntax by which they're governed. The accent with which you speak is analogous to the font in which the words are printed or the handwriting in which they're written.


Any actor or other professional whose day-to-day involves public speaking will tell you how important it is to get the voice right.


Any producer or director will agree that words spoken in an 'ill-fitting' accent can ruin a scene or even an entire production.

Mark's mission is to tailor his coaching to the actor's requirements and abilities and get them feeling comfortable with the process of crafting the best possible outcome.

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Please note that Lily recorded this in the Essex accent I'd coached her in. Her usual accent is that of Toronto, Canada.